Work in Progress, 2017

This was a two-part performance with Fleet Performance Collective curated by Ryan Hawk for Cage Match Project. Using a cage as a gallery setting, we constructed a pop-up shop. Three members used wood, white paint, and power tools to construct the space (walls, lights, etc.), and two members used wood, white paint, and power tools to create Quality Handmade Objects and sell them to the atendees at the same time as the space was being constructed. The objects were branded with our own performance collective’s logo.

Part Two of the performance took place a month later. After the half-built space existed in the elements for a month, it had degraded. We broke down the structure and cut it all into pieces which we also deemed Quality Handmade Objects. We packaged them in boxes and complimentarily shipped them to random addresses around the United States.

cage, heat, 2x4s, drywall, string lights, tools, signage, tip jar, Quality Handmade Objects