Transmission, 2019

A curatorial project with Henry Smith, Partial Shade, and Co-Lab Projects in Austin, TX

Can an object become a place? In the spirit of nomadic space-making, Transmission offers new ways to think about the car. Cars have come to define our visual landscape and the ways we move through space. They operate as a second skin, metallic and seemingly impenetrable. From inside a car, passengers witness the visual world condensed and poured across the windshield at a constant rate, all from the comfort of a hyper-ergonomic chair with a pine-scented breeze. A car at rest feels like a platform that leads to no building. Reframing what it means for an object to be active, we propose a gathering of cars at rest in an empty lot. Each car is an intimate art gallery showing one exhibit per vehicle. As immobile entities, these vehicles transform into giant media players, architectonic structures, performance platforms or cavernous interiors. Transmission uses the inherent transience of a subject navigating a city as an artistic tool rather than a civic hinderance. Infrastructural circumstance morphs into a poetic reimagining of accessible art spaces. These oddly-shaped galleries necessitate material collaborations between artist, car, and context. During a drive home from the event one considers the array of potential spaces accessible to them in a city with a tight grip on local real estate and a surplus of cars stuck in traffic.

Featuring work and writing by: Zoe Berg, Itamar Benitez, Jacob Bruner, Sean J. Patrick Carney, Rossie Dustin, Lesser Gonzalez Alverez, Francisco Gonzalez Castro, Lilia Taboada, Celeste Laster, Emmy Laursen, Logan Larsen, Maggie Mitts, Katy McCarthy, Walter Nichols and Wooba curated by Merideth Hillbrand and Steve Kado ft. Ellen Schafer, Nathan Azhderian, Lisa Radon, and Nicolas G. Miller & Lakshmi Luthra.

To accompany the exhibition, Flatpack Publications is proud to collaborate with Partial Shade and all exhibiting artists on the creation and production of a limited edition loose-leaf collated publication.

Selected images:

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Emmy Laursen & Maggie Mitts

Zoe Berg

Logan Laursen

Francisco Gonzalez Castro

Walter Nichols


Jacob Bruner

Celeste Laster