Thermal Delights, 2018

An installation in “Quickie,” a group show at The Dude Ranch Gallery including Sasha Fishman, Tessa Rappa, Shanie Tomassini, and Dana Suleymanova

bedroom, television, carpet, PVC, Brussels sprout, kodaks, banana peel, silicon, pillow, shiitakes, tofu, dial soap, Tupperware, self portrait, steel, giant safety pin, plaster almond milk, bottle, gift, shirt collars, wild clay, chicken grit, scone, balloon, yoga mat, chair back, extension chord, napkin, grips, bracket, hook, necklace, pool tube, moon light, acrylic, insulation, diatomaceous earth, linoleum floor tile, fan blade, ceramic, vaseline, paper handled continuously over the course of 2 weeks, masking tape, faux knob, clip-on earring, rubber, handle, clamp, yeast, lemon, sample tile, chain, temperature resistant glass, Windex

Waiting Room, video 4:30, 2017