Sky Writing, 2018

“an edition of 10 commissioned risograph postcards” with Hiba Ali, Lu Rose Biltucci, Tikva Lantigua, Celeste Laster, Sonia Margolin, Izzy Pexxulo, Celia Shaheen, Rachael Starbuck, and Jessica Vacek


I sent Flatpack the above photogram. It was made by holding a reflective nylon balloon under the light of a photogram in a darkroom and bouncing the light in patterns onto a sheet of photosentitive paper. I developed it in various qualities of developer fluid and in plastic pans with various molded textures.

“SKY WRITING is a kind of anthology of mail-based pedagogy, Loosely based around the relationship and writings between Rainer Maria Rilke and Franz Xaver Kappus in the book Letters to a Young Poet—a compendium of thoughts on love, sex, writing, life, religion, self-worth, as well as a model for a pedagogy of distance.
Correspondence is long-term, amnesiac, and seasonal; an anthology of slippage; a canon bleeding its own edges; a temporal monotype impressed with an emotional present. (Correspondence is a reminder of one’s existence. On Kawara sending mail to friends, loved ones, acquaintances, anyone who might listen or otherwise forget that, yes, he was still ALIVE.)
Correspondence is nonlinear and contingent. To only have so-much-room, to forget the flow of the conversation, having been caught up in a particular shop window or stressful project or bloom of flowers that day. (The spider’s web, a promethean Glasarchitektur, a territory in the periphery, a tug on the cable.)
Correspondence was and is still a naval exploit—there is always the possibility that a passenger may be lost at sea. In the 21st century, rising waters lap at your neighbors doorstep, confusing backlot homes, uncertain freelance delivery drivers, forgotten piles of junk on kitchen and coffee tables. (The Incessant Obsolescence Postulate builds an asymptotic relationship with effort and failure, asserts that all present attempts at interstellar travel will, in fact, arrive later than any future attempts.)”