Satellite (Group Loss), 2018
This is a video collage comprised of footage taken through binoculars on the grounds of Oxbow School of Art in Michigan. These videos document a day when a I found myself with group of people who had all jut metWe took an exactly fifteen mylar balloons out to the lawn with. We immediately lost one of the mylar balloons. A number of us ran after it, and I almost caught its tail with my left hand. We had all just met each other moments before the incident.

This video was projected onto a screen fabricated specifically for a floating dock that rested 251 feet off shore from the incident at the lawn. Using a car battery and projector, the image of the video plays only at night, when the scene of the incident is obscured, and when one cannot swim or canoe to it with certainty. It’s reflection in the water is appears from a distance as a wiggling tail itself, intangible fluid, a distance not unlike the trail of a balloon swept off in wind.This is a physical manifestation of the immediate sense of group loss, a shared specificity and intangibility, a satellite.

binocular footage, the loss of a mylar bslloon, a group, the distance of 251 feet, water, reflection, floating dock