Satellite, 2018

A three-part multimedia work made in response to the event of losing a balloon with new classmates

Part one:
A performance using a raft constructed from mylar balloons and tape to float on Lake Michigan in search of the lost balloon

Part two:
A set of twelve photograms experimentally created in a darkroom by shining a film enlarger’s light beam onto mylar balloons and refracting the beam onto photosensitive paper

Photograms 1 & 2 of 12, photosensitive paper, light, 8 x 10 inches

Part three:
A video installation installed upon a preexisting floating dock, 251 feet from the shore of Lake Michigan at night, powered by a car battery

Satellite (stills), video binocular footage of the mylar balloons, 5:10, looped

Above, a rendering replicating the event: the projected video’s reflection flickers over the water, shaped like a ribbon only when viewed from the shore 251 feet away. The video is comprised of video-binocular footage capturing the moment the balloon was lost