Puppet (Frame), 2020

an installation at Northern-Southern gallery for the group show Baton.

Exhibition text:
For the remainder of the COVID pandemic, Northern–Southern gallery hosts an ever-evolving installation by a series of artists working in turn.
An artist is given a key to the space, a baton. With it they may take their turn installing artwork in the gallery. An artist finishes their turn when they pass the key. The next artist will then have the run of the space. They will confront the work of the previous artists as the leave-behinds of a prior civilization: to honor, remove, build around, relocate, or cover up as they decide.

tracing paper, frame, plaster, blush, portrait of Jack, haze, joint compound, unfired painted clay, ceramic tag, hoops, latex, lights, yard sign, thread, kodak, pine, nails, oil paint, salt, latex insulation, magnets, mdf, holes, filters