Emily Lee (b. 1996, Beaumont, TX) is an installation-based artist based in Texas whose output includes a wide range of media and processes including sculpture, image-making, video, object theater, communal events, and critical writing. Their works are site-specific installations comprised of multiple parts. These parts—an aluminum cast of a circle drawn in sand, a space heater, a kodak photograph Lee shot at age seven, segments of a broken jade bracelet, to name a few—are used and then re-used in other installations, creating a multimedia vocabulary of parts. This repetition allows Lee to investigate the site itself and the habit of meaning-making through objects.

They received their BFA in Studio Art and BA with Honors in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019. Lee has exhibited their work in Texas and New York. In 2021, Lee founded All the Sudden, an experimental, anti-disciplinary project space which was awarded an Austin Chronicle's Critic’s Pick Award in the Austin Chronicle, as well as a Microgrant from Future Front Texas. Lee is the recipient of the Roy G. Crane Award for Artistic Excellence and has participated in residencies at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park and Land Arts of the American West.