Almost Doesn’t Count, 2018

A duo-show at the Visual Arts Center with Rachel Henson, including a performance and artist talk moderated by Rachel Starbuck.

This exhibit began as an exploration of our cultural sameness as half-white and half-Asian women. Using the existing gallery space as a metaphorical structure which dictates the way bodies move through space, we created site-specific works which were arranged sequentially from the surface-focused, flat works towards the entrance to carnal, tactile works resting in the back of the gallery. Here, the viewer is implicatd within the reality of the liminal space between exterior and interior. Through the act of collaboration, Rachael and I were confronted with the notion that despire categorical sameness, our individual experiences are irreplicable and largely unrelatable, creating a poem of collaborative dissonance.

lard, instant ramen noodles, marble, kodak, heater, dough, clay, condensation, towels, mattress, rope, bed sheets, window, orange grease screenprint, carpet



A 1-hour performance with Rachael Henson of collecting dough balls scattered throughout the exhibition space, kneading two individual big dough balls, shoving them together to knead one giant dough ball, and pulling it apart into 44 small dough balls